Down the Rabbit Hole

The Vampire Diaries – Down The Rabbit Hole – S04E14

“Life sucks. Get a helmet.”

Down the Rabbit HoleWait, what just happened? Warning: Spoilers abound.

Vampire Diaries is known for callously killing its characters(and usually with a broken neck) but this was unexpected, even for them. Even without the big finale, though, this was an episode filled with interesting developments. Galen is becoming a decent character in his own right, there’s only one cure(!), Rebekah betrays the team, Katherine returns(!), Klaus (almost) shows his kinder side… oh and then Jeremy dies.

Galen turns out to be a pretty decent vampire hunter in this episode, though he makes the mistake of underestimating Damon(and his partial immunity to vervain) to his detriment. Still, his wooden spike bomb was very cool, and he can’t really be faulted for not realizing it wouldn’t kill Rebekah. I mean what are the chances the vampire you just spike-bombed would end up being one of the 5 original vampires? Unless you are in Mystic Falls. Then the chances are pretty good. Galen has a lot of fun repartee with Damon and it reminds me a little of Damon and Rick in the early years.

Down the Rabbit Hole

After getting double crossed a couple thousand times, this week it was Rebekah’s turn to betray her partners. At least she was smart enough to know that no matter what Stephan said about being done with Elena, he would have made sure that she was the one that got the cure. There  only being one dose of the cure is a nice twist, with so many important uses for it. Elena could get it to restore the status quo, they could use it to make Klaus human(that would make the spin-off have a whole different twist) or they could, boringly, just use it to kill Silas. Imagine, though, if they went really far outside the box and it ended up being used on Damon or Stephan? Now that would be interesting.

It was a surprise to see Katherine back. I really didn’t think it was her who took down Elena(though my wife called it) and I’m guessing she was Jeremy’s guardian angel last week. Though when did Katherine start throwing hatchets? It makes you wonder how she knew about the expedition and all the other goings on… she’s so universally hated, it’s hard to imagine she could have a mole.

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The best scenes this week, though, were the ones with Klaus. He’s been kind of flip-flopping on the whole “evil” thing lately, and when he made it sound like he was going to let Tyler live, I really thought he was turning over a new leaf, especially with his own show potentially starting soon. So it was awesome to have him turn it around and shock Caroline, once again, with his cruelty. It was also telling , that for all his talk of not wanting to lose his family and to keep them together forever, he was willing to let Rebekah turn human pretty fast once he realized it would mean the cure couldn’t be used against him.

And then Jeremy died. We think. It’s not like the guy has’t died before. Damon killed him, Elena killed him, Sheriff Forbes killed him… I’m pretty sure might have killed him at some point. His ring can’t save him this time, but there’s always Bonnie and her dark magic, or maybe something else. Anything is possible. If he is dead, though, Its going to be an ugly scene for Elena, having lost the umpteenth(and final) member of her family. And I wonder if Katherine counts as having killed him by shoving him in Silas’s mouth? If so, Jeremy will be back in “Hunter’s curse” form. I assume he won’t be wearing a shirt.

This was a another great episode with a ton of really big developments. Maybe now that the quest to raise Silas is pretty much over we can get back to some good old fashioned teen angst and highschool dances!



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