Catch Me if you Can

The Vampire Diaries – Catch Me If You Can – S04 E11

In which everyone compels everyone to do everything, and Stephan finally tells Elena how he (doesn’t) feel.

Catch Me if you Can

Mystic Falls needs to replenish their Vervain supply and fast. Everyone just compels everyone all the time now. It makes for lazy writing. Though I’m not as annoyed as some others, I’m starting to find it troubling. To a point I’m willing to give it a pass, as the central theme for this season seems to be controlling one’s own destiny(or not controlling it), but character motivations are pivotal to an ensemble dram like TVD, and robbing people of them equals weak character interactions.

That being said, this was a fairly eventful and enjoyable episode. Klaus sends a small army of vampires(compelled, of course) after Matt; Jeremy, Damon and Elena barely manage to fight them off. I’m not sure why Klaus didn’t send them after Jeremy directly, as he might have actually killed them that way, but it seems like Klaus doesn’t have his whole heart in the search for the cure sometimes. Kol ends up taking care of the newbie-vamp problem anyway, and although I don’t normally like Kol, I was a big fan this week. Maybe because he actually has a purpose now, instead of just acting randomly and violently towards everybody. Ironically,  Kol seems to be the only one thinking straight when it comes to this whole ‘releasing Silas’ situation.

Sired Elena is still as annoying as ever. She’s totally OK with Damon putting Jeremy in harm’s way, but she still maintains that the sire bond doesn’t change how she thinks. Right. And poor Matt. He gets bit again, and no one ever listens to the guy. As just about the only human left on the show people should consider his opinion once in a while.


Kol setting Damon(compelled, of course) on Jeremy was a good way to avoid getting his hands dirty, but I somehow doubt Klaus would have accepted the technicality that Kol didn’t actually touch Jeremy himself. Which goes to show Kol is willing to get daggered and boxed up if it means stopping Silas. Paints a pretty terrifying picture of the first immortal.

Stephan, meanwhile, is being a kind of a jerk. I get that he’s mad at Damon, but seriously, if you can forgive the guy for killing your nephew and your best friend and your football coach, are you really going to hold stealing your girl against him? Apparently so. Hooking up with Rebekah seems like a pretty natural rebound though. I hope she doesn’t get hurt in the process, people have been pretty cruel to Rebekah over the last couple seasons. Give the girl a break. And Stephan needs to stop leaving his diary out where everyone can read it. That’s got to be embarrassing…

It’s fun to see everyone pairing off into teams to find the cure. It’s like The Amazing Race but with a lot more fatalities. I assume… I don’t watch The Amazing Race.

[youtube width="600" height="485"][/youtube]

The highlight of the episode was Stephan telling Elena off. It’s a little unfair; Elena’s supposed love of Damon is (mostly) just the sire bond talking, but since Elena’s been stringing Stephan along for so long it was enjoyable to see him tell her that he doesn’t love her and not to let the door hit her on the way out of his mansion. He raises an interesting point when he says she’s never seen him ‘not in love with her’ because we haven’t either. We’ve seen super-good Stephan and super-bad Stephan, but we’ve never seen Stephan without any outside influences. Moderate Stephan actually seems a lot more like Damon(which is a plus).

It’s also interesting that Damon was unable to fight his compulsion at all, while Stephan was, back when Klaus compelled him to kill Elena. Maybe it’s just because Damon wasn’t compelled to hurt Elena, just someone she loves, but maybe it’s also showing that Stephan really loved Elena more than Damon…

The episode finishes off with Elena having the brilliant idea of killing Kol. I can think of about a hundred reasons why this is her worst plan yet(which is saying something) but not the least among them is that for all she knows it would kill Stephan, Damon and Caroline. Also: not that easy to do. Kol is an Original  after all. Seriously, Elena should just not be allowed to come up with ideas any more. Still, I’m looking forward to seeing them try and all the conflict that’s going to stir up. But if Jeremy leaves Team Damon for Team Elena, who will Damon partner up with in The Amazing Race: Vampire Cure Edition? Hmm… anyone seen Katherine or Elijah lately?


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