The TV Week in Review – Jan. 21- Jan. 27, 2013

A review and recap of the week’s best and worst TV shows.

TV Week In REview - Vampire Diaries

Klaus compels a bunch of vampire babies to kill Matt, Kol compels Damon to kill Jeremy and Stephan tells Elena how he (doesn’t) feel. Elena has one of her trademark great ideas.


Everything comes full circle and all our intertwining stories are brought to conclusion in this slow-paced but deeply satisfying finale.



Ollie and Diggle have a fight when Diggle’s old commander shows up to rob some armored cars. Island-Ollie gets betrayed(maybe). Meanwhile, Moira gets proof of life and Thea gets a DUI.



Carrie shows that 15 years as a housewife/real estate agent haven’t dulled her ninja skills at all as she goes after Mr. Rabbit. Lucas continues to be the worst(best!) sheriff ever as he beats a famous MMA fighter nearly to death for raping a local waitress.



Lots of blood, dead bodies and 43 minutes of poorly paced exposition. Pass.


RV_KotNGeorge Takei and other guests judge a cosplay competition. The team with the mostly naked hot girl ends up winning. Meanwhile, Virgil is a douche and the winning team gets to play with swords. A supposed genius is kicked off the island for not knowing how many Chronicles of Narnia there are.



Mike cleans up his act and gets punched in the face. Harvey wants to be a named partner and Hardman keeps causing problems from behind the scenes. Harvey and Lewis fight, but then they’re friends again, kind of.

line2RV_SupernaturalFelicia Day guest stars as the boys go Larping. Dean is surprisingly into it and Charlie may be the female Dean. There’s a bad book of magic and a faerie so they gank the book and free the faerie. Also: Charlie makes out with said faerie.


Blue Beetle can’t get the scarab off his back and Alpha Squad investigates a team-up between Luthor and The Reach. New team member Arsenal goes rogue and messes up the plan. Black Beetle and Green Beetle get thrown into the mix and Robin covers for Roy. Also: The Light replaces Sportsmaster with a long-haired Deathstroke.


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